Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Quickly Blogs and runs away

Haven't been here in forever. However a post I made on fb today gave me the idea to do quick posts of things I'm doing or seeing in therapy. Will try that. I'm on instagram as well these days showing off my speechie life as @speechreka. There are also some fashion, photography and posts of my general day in there (Hey I am a real person), so you can weed through those. Here's my speech musing today:

I had long convo with an SLP in the USA who called me to get some therapy ideas for her little ones. When chatting with her it made me think about the artic/phono targets that many of us choose for our little ones, particularly those with motor planning difficulties or low tone. When moving up to 2 syllable words many of the popular workbooks give an interesting list of words such as cowboy, pizza etc. which need wider phonemic repertoire and greater motor sequencing ability to produce. I prefer to start with nice reduplicated bilabials (which also have good functional relevance language wise) like bye bye, mummy, bubble, boo-boo, puppy, baby, and include happy, apple, open. I find littles with Down Syndrome find it more challenging to produce multisyllabic words, and expand their utterances in general. These words come in quite handy for this and can be used to build a range of semantic functions (bye-bye baby). What say you speechies?