Friday, July 22, 2016

Bringing Therapy to Life

I think I can safely say that summer is the time that rekindles my love for what I do. It also highlights my appreciation for the flexibility of having my own practice. Instead of packing my suitcases and headed off to the next trip (hopefully that happens in September), the last days of June are spent with my planning team, sitting on the floor of my office trying to think up the most awesome ways to make summer groups functional, interactive, and most importantly FUN.  As part of my self diagnosed ADD I absolutely hate to be confined to the clinic, so I try to incorporate as many outdoor activities as possible. Summer groups have been sooooo much fun thus far! The little ones have been having a blast and really building their language skills and it's such a beautiful thing to watch them shine within the group setting. My favorite group activity so far has been our community helpers day with our Language Building.

Just before summer started most of the little ones in this group were working individually on community helpers vocabulary, as well as responding to "who" questions. To start the group session we reviewed the community helpers worksheet from Black Sheep Press, and the little ones got a quite a surprise when some of these helpers showed up one by one at the clinic.

The policeman was clearly an undercover speechie, since he took everyone's worksheet and asked them to point to the policeman, asked them to find the different parts on his bike and shout them was amazing.

Just when they thought it couldn't get any better, a huge firetruck came around the corner, complete with 3 real life firemen. They got to see and label all the different parts of the firetruck, climb on, hear the was perfect. This speechie was on cloud 9.


I am so grateful to the members of the Barbados Fire Service and the Royal Barbados Police Force for helping make this happen. It was truly an amazing experience, and language learning opportunity.

Stay tuned for more of what's happening in summer groups!