Thursday, September 2, 2010

Speech, language and communication for individuals with Down syndrome

We know the developmental milestones for speech and language in typically developing children. However, many parents, teachers and professionals are not aware of the ages and stages of speech and language development in children with Down Syndrome. More than knowing that these developmental milestones are delayed in these children I've found a great site which outlines developmentl areas in

  • early communication skills
  • vocbulary
  • speech
  • grammar and sentence structure
  • working memory
  • general interaction

Table 5, which outlines "Typical production milestones for children with Down syndrome" is a great one for anyone who interacts with children with Down syndrome to have. It has definitely come in handy in my clinic.

Here's the link to the site:

Also follow the links to the left for the speech and language overview for children with DS from birth to 16 years. They also give great activities and advice to assist the development of speech and language skills.

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