Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Camping we will go! (2) - Camping Theme

Our theme for our first week of camp was "Camping Out." The format was pretty much the same across groups (See previous post for the group makeup), with circle time to start, followed by a focused speech & language task (worksheet etc) then an art & craft activity. Here is the breakdown of our activities for each group, with some pictures and resources. I used this site quite a bit for ideas and resources.

Circle Time (Around the pretend campfire)
Ipad story "Our camping trip" with questions
Song: A camping we will go

Following Directions:
Camping worksheet from "Say and Glue Language for Listening" by Super Super
Vocab Guessing game: What am I? for camping items

Art & Craft
Colouring and making binoculars out of card, then going on a nature walk talking about what we saw.

Circle time
Around the campfire with musical instruments, playing along to "She'll be coming round the mountain, then switching and requesting another instrument using, gesture, PECS, vocalisation etc.

Look and find camping scene with bears (Not sure where I got it but was glad to find it on my harddrive). Pointing to the object named within the scene (very simple objects like boat, bear etc).
Artic focus- sticking something beginning with each child's target sound on the camping scene.

Art & Craft

Nature walk to find different leaves, then doing leaf rubbings on paper

(Unfortunately I forgot to take pics on this day)

Busy Bees
Almost Identical Activities to Explorers, only change is we did a listening bingo for camping pictures, then worked on prepositions with a big tent that was set up.

Skill Builders
Circle Time
Camping story with Ipad
Going on a bear hunt action rhyme
I'm going camping and I'm going to take...... memory game

Therasimplicity camping scene for barrier game. I played a listening and following directions game where I handed out different pictures to the children then gave directions like " If you have a green sleeping bag put it next to the campfire". This was a fun one.

Guess what? game, where each child came up and described a camping picture shown to him and the others had to guess what it was.

Art & Craft
Camping scene photo frame with mixed media (tent opens to reveal photo).

Circle time: What noises can we make in the forest (sound sequencing)
Story time (Artic camping story from book, I think it's linguisytems)

working on individual sounds and sticking on camping scene
/s/ blends activity on pathway

Art & Craft
Creating camping scene, then sticking /s/ blends path on scene.

See, I told you it was fun.
Look out for our waterplay week coming soon!

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  1. Wow - this looks like a heap of work has gone into the planning, and I'm sure they had a lot of fun! Great work!